Disability Insurance

What would happen if someone were suddenly unable to work? If the unexpected occurs and they are too sick or injured to work, would their savings or the current disability benefits they receive through their employer be enough to:

  • Pay their bills?
  • Make their monthly mortgage or rent payments?
  • Buy groceries?
  • Make their car and debt payments?
  • Provide for their children’s education?

Disability income insurance helps to protect a portion of someone’s income and protects them financially should they become disabled for an extended period of time. If a family relies on your client’s income to pay for living expenses, then disability insurance is something that should considered.

Key Features of Disability Insurance

  • Protects a portion of current income to help maintain a lifestyle.
  • Compliments employer-sponsored disability coverage.
  • Benefits might be tax free (please consult a tax advisor or accountant).
  • Multiple options exist for various income levels.

Contact us today to learn more about disability insurance options for you and your family.

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