Changing Your Life

Where do you start, when you understand that in order to change the way things are, you have to change the way you are? While we know that the first step to doing something great requires a total commitment, before you can make that commitment I think you should decide if being successful, accomplishing great goals and living a big, exciting life is really for you.

If you have made the decision to do something great, the first thing you will learn is that the effort and sacrifice required will have deep and powerful emotional ramifications. The growth we see in people who lay it on the line and do something significant with their lives is a wonderful thing to behold. Accomplishing tough, challenging goals causes us to grow as people and the ensuing increase in personal confidence is life-changing for most people.

The realization of what it means to have a business that works even when you don’t or can’t is amazing. Knowing you have built something that is real and solid, something that people can cling to and believe in, something that makes a huge difference for our associates and their clients, brings a level of contentment and emotional security that is difficult to quantify.

The impact on your children can be remarkable as well. Children of independent business people grow up with a different, and often success minded, mentality. They see their parents as successful and assume that they can do the same thing, starting out with far more confidence than someone coming from a disadvantaged background.

Theresa and Jorge Meza
Theresa and Jorge Meza

Jorge and Theresa Meza are two of our very closest friends and confidants at HBW, as well as being top producers and agency builders. Jorge has great intellectual curiosity and a tremendous entrepreneurial spirit. Jorge was an early adapter in our advisory business, after having built a great team and an already diversified business with HBW. The Meza’s were telling us about how this business has had a huge impact on their children as well. Jorge and Theresa, like the Hellenbrands and many other HBW leaders, bring their children to nearly every event or incentive trip they attend when possible.

Many of our children have had the opportunity to travel to different places all around the world. Their business with HBW has made it possible for the Meza’s to travel to places such as Hawaii, Australia, Paris, Costa Rica, Caribbean and Mexico, to name a few, with us and on their own. Like Jorge and Theresa, we always felt that the education our kids were getting from travel was more important than the week or so they would miss from school, although we know some may disagree. Raising your children’s expectations is a powerful gift. They may see a bigger world than many other children, filled with possibilities, beauty and promise.  


Jonathan Hoag
Jonathan Hoag

We change lives in so many ways, including both full-time associates and some amazing part-time associates. Jonathan Hoag comes to mind when describing the HBW part-time opportunity. Jonathan has earned a six figure income with HBW while maintaining a full time position elsewhere. We have no full-time requirements, and Jonathan has reasons that are important to him for keeping his full-time job; mostly the need to maintain health insurance for his family as a result of some preexisting health issues. Nevertheless, Jonathan enjoys top compensation and all the benefits any top producer at HBW receives. Having a great opportunity at HBW is an inclusive opportunity where every person can get what they want out of the business, whether part or full-time, as an agency builder, personal producer, or all of the above. (Only Partners earning six figure incomes are eligible to build a sales team so that each new person is mentored by a top producer.)

Ed & Sharon Kaiser
Ed & Sharon Kaiser

Ed and Sharon Kaiser are another outstanding couple in the HBW family, having been with us for many years. Ed is a brilliant man, capable of understanding the many nuances involved with helping families solve the critical financial challenges that we all face today. Ed operates with genuine dedication, concern and caring for every person, family and business he serves and has been a leader in helping HBW expand its presence. Ed’s dignified, patient and loyal demeanor makes him a pleasure to work with and his strong, comforting nature makes him a wonderful friend. Ed may think that HBW has been a great partner for him, and we certainly know he has been a great partner for us.

One of the many notable aspects about HBW is the type of people we generally attract. So many of our associates are extremely kind, caring, generous people, tempered with a mental toughness that is intent upon succeeding, yet bright and alert and willing to embrace our culture of learning and growing. A huge advantage in being part of HBW is the opportunity to associate with this type of person. These are the type of people that lift others around them up and influence them to aspire to be more successful themselves.

Jan and Bryan Bradford
Jan and Bryan Bradford
After many years with a captive organization, Bryan Bradford started a new journey into the independent market place. He took all the things he learned from a recruit and sell model and transitioned to learning how to build an actual practice. Bryan became a student of the industry and considered what he wanted his practice to look like.

He also decided that he want to give back and improve his community in the process. It started with an inquiry of putting up a POW/MIA flag in his town, and then soon took on a life of its own where he became the go to guy for Veterans needing help. In the process Bryan chaired the building of a $250,000 Veterans memorial, increasing advocacy for Veterans and bringing attention to their issues. He helped start a Veterans Court so Vets could get special treatment if their crimes can be linked to their service. He brought a PTSD recovery program to the state, which is being taught in several locations. After meeting with the Michigan Joint Forces Command the program is also being offered and advocated to current and past Michigan Military members.

Bryan never anticipated that while he was building his brand in the community it would have also boasted his credibility as well. Having met with state and federal officials over the years, always to push for ways to improve serving our Veterans, in 2017 Bryan helped write a bill that re-defined the definition of what a Veteran actually is. That bill brought help to the 24% of the Veterans in the state that could not receive help because they did not serve in time of war. Bryan says that he could not be more proud of what God has led him to do. Now the organizations he founded are starting a Veterans ministry to include all generations of veterans and their families. Bryan and his lovely wife, Jan, are so excited for the next ten years. We, at HBW, are equally excited and honored to have this amazing couple as Partners in our company!

Dale & Sheri Curtis
Dale and Sheri Curtis are a great example of what an HBW couple represents. High School sweethearts and married for years, they have been through thick and thin and their marriage and partnership is stronger than ever. Dale is the founder of WealthFort, Inc. located in Temecula, CA, a retirement planning and wealth positioning firm, created to help clients plan for their best life now while leaving to others the best of their lives forever.

His clients include:

● a major commercial real estate developer ● a stock-exchange listed mall ownership company’s former GM ● air traffic controllers - Federal and local ● a former highway transportation engineer ● engineers in medical device and aerospace manufacturing ● CEOs and Small Business Owners ● a former Vice President of a large electrical contractor ● Realtors ● Pastors ● Nurses ● those who have served as First Responders ● Doctors ● Teachers ● Trustees

In addition to being an advisor, Dale is an educator, counselor, a public speaker, presenter, and a writer. Dale co-authored and created the First Edition of the book,​“Prosperous Revelations: Invest Better, Live Better, Retire Better, & Give Better,” ​ written to address some financial urban myths and misconceptions. Prior to WealthFort, Dale founded, operated, and divested small manufacturing companies as well as served as the pastoral care pastor at a mega-church in the Temecula Valley. Equipped with over 35 years of high-level leadership and business expertise, Dale now devotes his full-time work and attention to helping fortify families for generations.

Dale and his wife Sheri have made Temecula, CA their home for over 20 years. They are the proud parents of two grown daughters. Whitney, the eldest, married, an elementary school teacher, and the mom of two of the most amazing boys, our grandchildren--James and Oliver, aka Jamie and Ollie. Cayla, a college grad, is completing a second Bachelor’s Degree in preparation for service as a nurse. Finally, although family time surely comes first, Dale is nonetheless obsessed during football season with the CFL (The Curtis Fantasy Football League) where he is a founding team owner and at the moment, reigning four-time Champion.

There are many, many examples of people having tremendous success at HBW, and we hope those who have stories are sharing them with others and that you will make a story of your own.

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