The HBW Dream

What makes HBW so special? We believe it is the people involved and the relationships they develop.

Sue and Joel Broersma
Sue & Joel Broersma

Joel and Sue Broersma in Michigan are another touching example of the HBW Dream. Joel had been successful in this industry prior to joining HBW, but was frustrated because none of the people that he had recruited were being successful at his prior company. Also, Joel was spending unbelievably long hours earning a living and was frustrated about missing his kids growing up. After he joined HBW, suddenly Joel’s people started having unprecedented success, even as Joel was doing better than ever. More importantly, Sue was in tears at an early HBW meeting while telling those in attendance that in addition to how well they were doing financially at HBW, their kids had their Daddy back. Joel was much more available to his children and family. His team was succeeding, his family was happy, and Joel became a key leader at HBW as well as an important person in his community and church. Joel, Sue, and their children experience a life today that they may not have imagined before. This is simply because Joel cared so much about the people he worked with that he was willing to make a change to help them succeed, changing his life as well. Today, because of his great character and extreme success, Joel is now President of both our securities company, HBW Securities, LLC and HBW Tax Services.

It is said that unsuccessful people love money and use people and successful people love people and use money. All of these folks fall into the latter category, using money simply as a tool to lead the life they choose and support the people and causes that are important to them. Lifestyle, freedom, purpose, joy and love are bi-products of building and creating a fulfilling life as opposed to just earning a living.

Krisha and Richard Jones
Krisha and Richard Jones

Richard and Krisha Jones are a true HBW Partners success story! Married 17 years with 5 children, Richard comes from a long line of teachers, so education plays a huge role in their lives. Richard has gone to school in 4 countries, speaks 5 languages, and was an athlete, Eagle Scout and honor roll student. In addition to receiving degrees in Business Management, International Business, and Spanish, Richard simultaneously pursued his desire to study finance by obtaining his Real Estate License, Life Insurance License, Series 6 and 63 registrations, and a few years later, his Series 65 registration.

Richard’s desire for entering our industry came while in college, where he met Krisha and started a family. His first priority as a young father and husband was to buy life insurance and open a retirement account. Richard was so impressed by the Financial Planner who helped him get started, that he decided to learn more about the career.

Like his family before him, Richard also sees himself as a teacher, just not always in the classroom setting. He built his business the old fashion way, one client, one family, one dollar at a time. He feels a sense of great intrinsic satisfaction when he helps his clients reach major life goals, such as buying a home, funding an education, or stepping confidently into retirement, as well as sorrow when his client's pass away, but also feel a sense of peace that he helped protect and prepare their families financial future.

Richard feels that he can map his success directly back to his decision to join HBW Partners, which gave him the personal freedom to build his business his way. We credit Richard’s talent, character, work ethic and passion for what he does and the people he serves as the reason for his tremendous success!

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Nick and Dani Mitchell
Nick and Dani Mitchell

Nick and Dani Mitchell have been together close to 9 years and married for over two. Through that he has received his Master in Business Administration (MBA) and started his career in financial planning about 5 years ago, getting his series 7 and 66 securities licenses.

Nick started his carrier with a larger firm and until the transition to HBW didn’t realize the flexibility and real independence that you get form working with HBW. Getting started as a financial advisor is a tough business to get into, which has made success much more gratifying. Nick is a big believer in Zig Ziglar and Steven Covey. Quotes like “You can have everything in life you want, if you just help enough other people get what they want,” Zig Ziglar; and “Seek first to understand, then to be understood,” Stephen Covey; are what he has based his financial practice on. Client-first planning and simple yet effective, actionable steps are the best ways to reach financial goals. Nick and Dani are also followers of Dave Ramsey and his debt free lifestyle. Nick has been a Dave Ramsey SmartVestor Pro for years and enjoys helping people work the Dave Ramsey 7 Baby Steps to get out of debt and build wealth.

On their free time Dani enjoys barrel racing and Nick is an avid team roper. Constantly trying to improve and become a better competitor is serious business in the Mitchell home, which is one reason why the majority of his clients are in the ranching and farming communities. One of his main passions is helping America’s small business owners succeed. He loves America and the grit it takes to be financially independent. Nick’s clients and friends largely overlap, as they should and he looks forward to several more decades of helping people achieve success. He believes to be successful in life you must have enough time and money to do what you want every day, and a lifestyle like that doesn’t happen by chance.

From our standpoint, we love working with Nick because he is a true example of servant leadership. Humble and dedicated, it is an absolute pleasure to be in business with such a quality gentleman, someone you absolutely know you can count on!

Manuel Campins and family

Manuel Campins is a financial planner, educator, speaker, and debt freedom-savings advocate. Manuel brings the heart of a teacher to his clients. With over 20 years’ experience in personal and business finance, operations management, and multiple Bachelor and Master degrees, he applies his knowledge and passion for financial independence to those he is blessed to serve.

Manuel is a husband to an amazing wife, Stacey, and father to three phenomenal kids. Manuel derives purpose in helping others live their ideal lives, achieve their goals and dreams, and reach their maximum potential.

The factors, in our opinion, that make Manuel so great at what he does are his overwhelming passion for the people he serves, as well as the people he works with. Always, with a goal in mind of helping everyone he meets, Manuel has been a phenomenal teammate and a true asset to the CEO of HBW.

Aaron Clasen and family
Aaron Clasen and family

Aaron and Debbie Clasen are another great example of the type of people we strive to work with at HBW Partners. All you have to do is take one look at their family to realize that the Clasen’s are people you can count on and depend on. Aaron is an Investment Professional with HBW Partners and has worked in the Investment and Insurance Industry since 2010. Aaron joined HBW Partners after a successful 17-year career in Management with a Fortune 500 Company. Aaron is also a graduate of the Dave Ramsey Financial Counselor Training and has facilitated Financial Peace University classes at his church in Naperville, IL. Aaron has been part of the Dave Ramsey Smartvestor Pro team since 2010. Mr. Clasen has worked with hundreds of clients in developing financial strategies and analyzing investment options.

Aaron received a degree in Business Administration with a Management Emphasis from Concordia University in Irvine, California. While in college, Aaron was a 4yr letterman on the men’s basketball and soccer teams. Aaron married his college sweetheart, Debbie, and lives in Naperville, IL with their four beautiful daughters. Aaron has served on numerous boards at his church and has helped with the youth program, as well as coaching his daughter’s soccer and basketball teams. Aaron has a passion for helping families and small business owners succeed with their finances and achieve their retirement goals.

Working with people like Aaron and Debbie makes doing business a pleasure, and we see nothing but continued and growing success in their future.

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