2019: HBW Celebrates 28 Years In Business

2019 marks HBW’s 28th year of doing business as HBW. In the last 28 years, we have recruited and developed thousands of producers, helped hundreds of thousands of clients, paid over $100 million dollars in death benefits to widows and widowers, and have invested over $1 billion dollars for clients.

We built a successful life and asset protection insurance agency, as well as our own Broker/Dealer and Investment Advisory firm. The decision to build a business, a company, a corporate work of art has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people all across America. This includes not just our home office employees and all our associates in the field who see and serve their clients, but also all those thousands and thousands of clients themselves. In addition, there are investment people, underwriters, parameds, and all the employees of all of the companies and carriers we do business with who are employed because of the business we all create.

postcardsOur people have traveled all over the world as a result of their success. Together we have cruised the Caribbean, Mexico, the Baltic and other beautiful places. We have travelled to Europe, Hawaii, Fiji and visited amazing countries such as Monte Carlo, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Germany, France, England, Ireland, Scotland, Holland, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Copenhagen, Switzerland, Estonia and many others.

Established in October 1991 and Incorporated in September 1994, HBW was founded with the express purpose of providing agents and advisors greater market capabilities, dramatically expanding product and service offerings, managing against potential future negative market conditions, providing advisors the ability to spend more time focusing on serving their clients while spending less time managing the back office. Further, HBW aims to provide advisors with a compensation structure that enables the advisor to focus on personal production and/or build a sales team when qualified.

The compensation structure empowers advisors to build a sales team as well as bringing new and experienced people to HBW.

Over the years while supporting customers, agents and carriers, HBW kept their eye on the future. As market conditions evolved, new product offerings emerged, regulatory compliance tightened, and market consolidation continued to increase, HBW has continued to provide broader back office support and services, broader carrier and company relationships, and compliance support, including Cetera Advisor Networks LLC and HBW Advisory Services LLC. The expanding government regulatory, licensing and compliance changes have transformed the new advisor profile.

In 2012 HBW codified a new package of services and offerings for their advisors. The HBW Partners Program provides all the historical Business Development offerings to the Adviser as well as new sales and product-training programs, game changing new customer acquisition programs, among other offerings.

As the financial services industry continues to evolve so will HBW Partners.

Investment advisory services may also be offered through HBW Advisory Services LLC. HBW Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. dba HBW Partners and HBW Advisory Services LLC are separate entities which do not offer legal or tax advice. IAPD