HBW is proud to welcome our newest associates:

Robert P. Sullivan

Robert Sullivan began his professional career as an associate attorney at one of Southern California‘s premier litigation firms. Deciding to follow his true passion, he entered the financial services industry in 2005 as Senior Vice President for KBS Capital Markets Group. Prior to joining HBW advisory, Robert’s last roll was the managing director of international markets for a multi billion dollar private equity firm.

After having worked for several years for some of the largest and most successful investment firms in the country, he decided the time was right and formed Goldhorn Capital Management LLC. His focus is on helping individuals navigate and assure their family‘s multi-generational financial well-being.

Robert holds a BA from California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo and a Juris Doctorate from Californian Western School of Law. He currently resides on their “mini-ranch” in Newport Beach, CA with his family, Megan, Peyton and Kellan, four dogs, four horses and various other “little critters”. When he is not working or on his ranch with family and friends, he enjoys hunting, fishing, rodeo and surfing.

Bryan Bradford

Bryan Bradford

Bryan brings his personal approach to each client's financial planning process. He has been securities licensed since 1993 and obtained his series 65 Registered Investment Advisor in 2017. Bryan holds a Bachelors of Science in Corporate Finance, and currently working on his CFP and EA. Bryan built his practice on rolling back the fast moving world of financial planning by focusing on high touch and old school relationship building. He is one of the Dave Ramsey SmartVestor Pros in his area and has been teaching the Financial Peace University since 1997. He enjoys educating his clients and making a complicated subject and breaking it down to simple terms. He tells people he has a blue collar up brining with a white collar education, giving him the ability to relate to a wide variety of clients. He prides himself on surrounding himself with great minds, so he can provide more value than the advisor down the street. His right arm is his Office Manager Jennifer Stevens, who holds a Corporate Accounting B.A. and is finishing her EA. Upon completion she will head up an accounting and tax service to add additional services to our clients.

He is a U.S. Army Veteran and served in the Military Police Corp, as a disabled Veteran he has served his fellow Veterans as a Veteran Service Officer assisting them in getting their due benefits. He has become an important cog in his community, serving on many boards and raising funds centered on children, Veterans and the less fortunate.

Bryan has been married for twenty-five years and spends time serving at his church in multiple capacities, as well as, recently became an ordained Minister. He enjoys helping people take their next step God, as much as his joy for helping people become financially independent.

Bryan has restored a few classic cars in the past, the most recent was finishing a 1968 Corvette back to its' original condition, it took nearly ten years to acquire all the necessary parts. He loves spending time with his dogs and his wife.

Favorite quotes he is known for: "It's more important to get it right, then to get it fast", "I don't to have it on top, if I have it on tap", and the famous, "Trust but verify" from Ronald Reagan

Neal Davis

Neal Davis

A smart man once said, "it's not just a sum of money, it's someone's lifetime of hard work...so treat it accordingly."

Neal Davis applies this simple mandate to each and every client under his financial care. Neal understands that near the end of their careers, it's important to ensure that his clients are never faced with prospect of having to re-enter the work force to rebuild their nest egg. To do this, he draws on decades of experience in family and small business financial planning, investment management, tax and estate planning as well as retirement income and risk management strategies. Neal also adheres to the philosophy of keeping it simple by applying common sense and plain English to the world of investing.

A native of Virginia, Neal received his Bachelors' degree in Political Science from Hampden-Sydney College in 1988 and his Masters Degree in Accounting (Cum Laude) with a focus in tax and estate planning from Old Dominion University in 1997. Neal's work experience includes banking, both private and public tax accounting, investment management, financial planning and risk mitigation and transfer strategies.

Neal has been a Registered Investment Advisor and fiduciary since the year 2000 (Series 7, 66) with Life, Heath and Annuities. He is currently securities registered in VA, AR, AZ, CA, DC, FL, GA, MD, NC, NY, OH, OK, OR, PA, SC, and WA. He's also a member of the National Association of Tax Professionals.

Neal currently resides in the Western Branch area of Chesapeake, Va. with his beautiful wife Shannon, two totally awesome step-sons Cooper & Cambel, and 3 dogs, Jack, Angus & Bella.

Neal's first rule of investing: Don't look back...look at what you have and what you can do with it.

Brad Rudkin

Brad Rudkin

As an ENTP personality type, I love to be around people. Every job I’ve had since college has involved working collaboratively with large groups of people whether as clients, colleagues, business partners or direct reports. During my consulting career, I provided management training to hundreds of managers at small and medium sized companies, both public and private. This both grew out of and grew into a love for helping people become more effective and efficient at achieving what matters most to them.

Two of the character qualities that I think are most important are being teachable and always seeking to learn. As an undergrad student, I double majored in Accounting and Business Management, graduating Magna Cum Laude. I went on to earn a Master’s in Business Administration (graduating number three in a class of 80) and a Doctor of Jurisprudence (graduating in the top third of my law school class). I continue to learn by completing Continuing Legal Education courses as well as reading many books and attending seminars and workshops regularly.

When I’m Not Working I thoroughly enjoy spending time with Jenny, my wife of 28 years, and our six children: Daniel, Jessyca, Ryan, Alex, David and Weston. We love many outdoor activities including hunting, hiking, camping and spending time on the beach. We are also very involved with wrestling and with church activities. I enjoy helping local non profit organizations by serving on their boards of directors as needed.

Hobbies and Interests: Family, outdoor activities, hunting, hiking, camping.

Kerri Herlick

Kerri Herlick

I believe in teaching my three children how to thrive in the world. I believe in teaching them how to reach out to each other despite the miles that separate them, to be friends, and love one another. I believe in teaching them to surround themselves with the right people. I believe in teaching these same lessons to my two grandchildren, Colin and Aribella, who I visit every year on their birthdays - even though they are 3,000 miles apart. I believe in loyalty. My husband Blake and I will celebrate our 25 years and wonderful family together this year with a long awaited trip to Italy.

I believe in providing advice to give others success. My phone often lights up with a client’s number, no matter the time of day. Sometimes it is a quick question, but often it’s about the big things in life; career decisions, marriages, divorces, colleges, purchasing a retirement home, selling a business, and my personal favorite, “Should we purchase kitchen tile..?” The question doesn’t matter. I am here to listen.

I believe in being grateful. I am grateful that my clients have entrusted me with not only their finances, but with what really matters to them. I am grateful to have the support of HBW Advisory and the people in it. I am grateful that I have the experience and passion to be present for my clients. My skills enable me to guide them to reach their individual expectations and find solutions to help them get to where they want to be.

My clients are not just a job. They are people that I truly enjoy connecting and conversing with. They are people that I have sat with in their time of crisis and in time of celebration. We have shared many tears, cheers, and great laughter.

Kerri is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ and a Wealth Advisor.

Kerri focuses her divorce practice on helping her clients and their legal counsel avoid the long-term financial vulnerabilities often accompanied by divorce settlements. Mediators, Collaborative Divorce Attorneys, and other legal professionals consult with Kerri to help provide a clear understanding of complex financial situations helping to ensure equitable settlements.

Kerri’s primary focus is working with clients in a holistic manner consistent with The Client’s Goals. Kerri focuses on retirement planning, life insurance, income planning, divorce, small business planning and long-term care. Kerri’s professional licenses include: FINRA Series 7 & 66, NY State Life, Accident and Health Insurance. Kerri is a CFP™ candidate and holds a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst certificate.

Brian Malkinson

Brian's ability to recognize trends and adapt to shifts in the market place have been the foundation of his career. A career with more than a decade of experience in financial management, business development, and leadership. It is this diversified experience through various business ventures that has shaped Brian’s approach to financial advisement, budgeting, and wealth accumulation. This knowledge along with his commitment to understanding every client’s needs ensures a unique experience for both clients and businesses looking to plan for their future.

Outside of his career as a financial advisor, Brian has owned multiple businesses as both a sole proprietor and corporate executive. As a son of public school teachers, he has a passion for education and has taught at multiple universities. A father of two children, Brian understands the importance of planning for the future and protecting what matters most.

Chad Francis

Chad joined HBW Partners in 2017 and works in the Sacramento area and surrounding communities. He holds his Series 65 Investment Advisor and Life Agent Insurance Licenses.

Chad’s passion for helping everyone from young people just beginning to plan for their future to experienced investors ready to preserve their assets is what made HBW a great place to call home. He enjoys teaching clients about all areas of personal finance ranging from how to write a budget, to planning for retirement using his PII approach; Plan, Insure, Invest.
One of his top priorities is to not only provide options that are suitable to each client and their comfort level, but to also ensure the client understands the investment. This all helps to align with the client’s life goals and is an important basis as a fiduciary. Chad has also spread knowledge outside of work by coordinating Financial Peace University, speaking to young people from his college’s Business Club, and having inspirational conversations about money with those who need it most.

Beyond years of management experience across varying fields, Chad has earned numerous degrees in Business Administration, Natural Science with a focus on Mathematics, Behavioral Science and Economics.

Chad enjoys spending time with his wife Kristy and dog Chewy, walks around the neighborhood, BBQ-ing for friends, and spending Christmas’ in Idaho with his family. And there’s always the guilty pleasure of take-out and watching movies at home. Math is a less known passion of his, as he’ll sometimes just take a break to play with numbers. This is a broad change from his childhood, which was occupied with many extreme sports like skateboarding, wakeboarding, and his high school snowboard race team.
Hobbies and Interests: Cooking (or just eating) new foods with my wife.

Bucket List: See all 50 states in one trip.
Favorite Food: Changes seasonally, but Tritip never lets you down.
Favorite Book: The Total Money Makeover
Place I'd like to visit: Italy, France, Ireland and Japan.