Case Studies


Back in November, my neighbor (who is also a client, as are his parents), arranged a lunch meeting to introduce me to a friend of his. His friend had recently finalized a divorce after 29 years of marriage, and needed some help sorting through things. The lunch went well and the friend and I agreed that we would get together for taxes and work through several items.

We met for taxes in late February. For the previous 29 years, the client had relied on his now ex-spouse to handle all of the household financials, and now that he was responsible, he needed direction. We talked about ways to improve his situation by maximizing his employer plan for retirement, and various other strategies to make sure he was getting every deduction available.

He then gave me investment statements for about 6 different accounts and asked if I would be willing to help him sort all of those out as well. It took some time to get to them as we were in the throes of tax time, but I am happy to report that we met last week, and we were able to re positing his assets, I excess of $100,000 into something much more in line with his goals. He is happy to have all of these items handled, and even happier that it is all in one place. I don’t feel comfortable mentioning what I mad but between the taxes, investments and other areas, it was an extremely lucrative referral.

In return, he is in marketing and is helping us develop a mail campaign for tax planning that we intend to kick off in the fall. Full Service and a plan. Just like the hokey pokey, that’s what it’s all about.

Daniel J. Korhorn

Dear Advisor—

HBW Partners continues to exceed my expectations. I began working with HBW Advisory Services in February 2016 after a lengthy search that included interviewing several RIA and BD firms across the country and in Southern California. While many off the companies I met with were suitable for me to conduct business with, there was only one with whom I felt comfortable entrusting my client base to, HBW.

The mutuality of our truthfulness, trustworthiness, and faithfulness (our collective integrity) in all business interactions were of paramount importance to me and my decision-making process—my RIA and I had to be equally yoked in these areas before I would choose them as a business partner. In short, I expected that for us to be in business together, we needed to trust one another and faithfully follow through on that to which we gave our word—the staff at HBW does what they say they will do. My most contemporary example of this is in the area of on-boarding clients—the staff was extremely patient with me as I muddled through the process of moving my clients to the firm and a new custodian. The on-boarding was seamless and without issue while proving to calm the concerns of my clients. I am very grateful for how well this process went and want you to know that you can trust the staff to do the same for your clients.

Barney and Joe have also connected me with an advisor that continues to lead and mentor me in the Federal Employee Benefit marketplace. I am impressed by the fact that an advisor would help another be successful--this is the culture of faithfulness at HBW. Lou Vaz has gone out of his way to show me how to market to this large group of prospects and his counsel and expertise have proven invaluable as I have transitioned into my own practice. During the short period of time that I have worked with HBW it is apparent to me that everyone is focused on our clients', advisors', and company’s success. You can trust that each person connected with the company is ready to help you grow your practice as they graciously continue to help me grow and develop mine. Personally and without reservation, I give my highest recommendation for HBW to be your financial partner.

Dale Raymond


I have to tell you about this client! This lady is an investment client but we had not done her tax return before. She came in Saturday morning, has two W-2’s, some 1099-DIV’s and INT’s. Overall a basic return, she had always used Turbo tax before but just wanted some assurance that she was doing it right and look for ways to save some money. When I first ran the return she owed roughly $1700 to the IRS. Now, I knew she was a pretty good saver so I asked if she had any extra money and would she be interested in saving some taxes. Of course she was open to that so I started doing some planning.

She was not maxing out her H.S.A account so we talked thru that and how by contributing it was pretax and she would get a deduction. We also talked about having her make a traditional IRA deposit. She is over 50 so she can do the $6500 and she is in a 25% bracket. When you add up doing both of these things she now was getting $259 back! She was floored, incredibly excited and loved it! Now, she wants us to handle her Dads’ taxes, with whom she lives, to see what we can save him.

This is the tip of the iceberg on what you can do if you embrace adding tax prep/planning to your business. Some great business growth is taking place this year for those who have added tax prep and it is only going to keep growing.”


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